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Responsible Delivery of Alcohol Policy



Freight Hub Logistics Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring the continued safe and compliant delivery of alcoholic beverages to consignees who are 18 years or over in accordance with amendments made to the Liquor Licencing Act 2017, which are enforceable from July 1, 2019.

Freight Hub shall continue to engage only those Transport Contractors who demonstrate through appropriate policy documentation, and delivery process controls that they comply with responsible delivery of alcohol legislation.

The purpose of this Policy is to document our working commitment to customers, industry participants, statutory bodies, and to the broader community in general, that our business complies with, and acknowledges its obligation and responsibilities in keeping young people who are not legally allowed to consume alcohol, safe from harm.


This policy forms part of the Freight Hub Logistics compliance strategy.  It applies to all owners, managers, employees, suppliers, clients, and contractors of the Freight Hub (group of companies), that have responsibility for, or involvement in, activities that fall within the scope of the Liquor Licencing Amendment Act 2017. 


The Responsible Delivery of Alcohol Policy is relevant for all areas of Freight Hub Logistics, particularly in the areas of transport broker operations, and courier based transport operations.

The policy elements are:

  • Delivery to receivers over the age of 18 – if delivery is receipted by someone who is clearly over the age of 18 years of age, the receiver must sign for the delivery to assign right of the goods into their possession, and no evidence of their age shall be required.
  • Delivery to receivers whose age is not clear – if delivery is attempted to be received by someone whose legal drinking age is in question, then the driver must request suitable documentation that proves the recipient is over the age of 18 years. The driver must then record (electronically or by document) the name and signature of the receiver, and the Identification reference number (eg. Drivers licence number)
  • Proof of Age Documents - must be in the form of a valid drivers licence, Tertiary student ID, Passport, or other similar photographic licence issued by a statutory body.
  • A birth certificate is not a form of valid identification alone, and delivery will not be made by our drivers and contractors.
  • Expired photographic licences of any kind are not a form of valid ID – and delivery will not be made by our drivers and contractors.
  • If the recipient is requested to supply identification, and refuses to do so, or does not produce a compliant and valid form of identification, then delivery will not be made by our drivers and contractors
  • Reasonable Steps Defence - Consignees are required through their due process at law to obtain a declaration from purchasers that they are legally of age to purchase alcoholic beverages. Freight Hub rightfully presumes therefore, that customers have consigned goods to be transported lawfully into the hands of recipients with title to the goods, and shall seek strong defence against false declarations by clients or consumers in its duty to remain compliant and uphold the law.
  • Authority to Leave Consignments – If consignors provide an authority under consignment to deliver and leave goods unattended, Freight Hub’s drivers and contractors will do so if there is a suitable place to leave goods that is:
    • a) not visible to passers by in general,
    • b) secure behind a property boundary fence line
    • c) not adjacent to, or within five hundred metres of a primary or secondary school
    • d) a post office box
  • Record Keeping – All delivery records are maintained for a minimum of 12 months from the date of delivery in accordance with legislation
  • Receiver Not Home on Delivery – If consignees are not on premise to receive a delivery, and no authority to deliver is provided, then a courtesy calling card will be left, but the delivery will not be made by our drivers and contractors, and the goods will be returned to depot for safe holding until appropriate delivery arrangements can be made that ensure a compliant future delivery.


Freight Hub Logistics has set in place a responsible, reasonable, and achievable policy for the safe and compliant delivery of alcoholic beverages, which aims to care for the safety, lives, and wellbeing, of those in the community, and specifically, those who are not 18 years old or over.  Compliance to the policy by managers, employees, and contractors is a critical pursuit of the Freight Hub Logistics business.  The consequences of non-conformance will result in, but are not limited to:

  • Re-education (or education) of employees and contractors for determined knowledge gaps, or unexpected events, or accidental non-conformance.
  • Termination of driver or contractor engagement for clear breaches of this policy or related legislation.
  • Immediate termination of employees or contractors for negligent or deliberate non-conformance to this policy or related legislation.
  • Legal action against employees or contractors for severe breaches of this policy or related legislation in any State of Australia, which results in injury, loss of life, social harm, or community disruption.


Freight Hub Logistics seeks to continue to maintain and improve a positive workplace culture across its operations, that manages appropriate controls and compliance by its employees, drivers, clients, and contractors to Liquor Licencing Laws , and where the mission is always, the responsible delivery of alcohol, safety in the community, and that we meet our goals of social responsibility in business, and most importantly, that we help protect minors from exposure to the dangers of alcohol consumption.