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About Us

Freight Hub is a market leader in integrated wine storage, production rework and labelling, distribution, and national transport logistics.  In 2012 we commenced operations in the Australian wine and beverages market to help producers better understand, and leverage the economic benefits of wine specific one-stop-shop freight and logistics.

Freight Hubs customers include some of the best wineries, distillers, brewers, and cider makers in the country - Hentley Farm Wines, Turkey Flat, Clarendon Hills, The Hills Cider Company, Mismatch Brewing, Adelaide Hills Distillery, Bremerton Wines, Moppity Vineyards, Schild Estate, Coriole Vineyards, Rockford Wines, Koonara Wines, Kalleske Wines, Reschke Wines, and many more.

FHL also transports and stores products for wine related industry suppliers, including JMP Holdings, Vinocor, and Amorim Australasia, and provides distribution services to Synthesize Wines, and Vintage & Vine.  We also provide local and national transport services to principal beverage freight forwarders including JF Hillebrand, Gori Australia, and Albatrans.

Our principal focus is to provide direct engagement opportunities to start-up, small, and medium tier producers, who need strong support from their logistics function on several fronts - pricing, personal customer service, warehousing integrity, delivery performance, administrative efficiency, freight tracking, and partnership guidance to help reduce supply chain costs.

Freight Hub represents an entrepreneurial and innovative reach-out into a largely commodity based wine and beverage freight market, that has tended to leave the “small to medium wine guys” somewhat isolated when it comes to vital customer service support, freight cost management, warehousing quality, and distribution performance.

We provide premium warehousing capability over two strategic sites, in the Barossa Valley and Central Adelaide, offering a home to over fifty five thousand cubic metres of bottled wine and beverages.  We transport almost 15,000 road freight tonnes each year across the country, comprising over 8.6 million litres of wine, beer and cider, and over 3600 TEU in import and export containers.  The business is also on track to label almost 700,000 bottles in its maiden year of production labelling and rework operations.

With a portfolio that now exceeds 350 wine and beverage customers nationally, the success of strategic pathways for Freight Hub continues to reinforce that inspired, educational, and innovative engagement of customers in decision making processes, is by far one our most important precursors in benchmarking customer service.

We feel that we occupy a natural and deserving space in the wine and beverages logistics sector, providing unique and exciting customer service experiences, and our service culture is a defining element in helping rebadge wine logistics as a seamless, efficient and friendly process, in delivering on point results. 

In keeping with the principles of refined customer service, we have built our own custom Transport Management System (TMS).  It pushes back on the common trend in logistics of forcing customers into self-administered, web based environments, where commercial relationship building and direct customer contact pathways with suppliers, are becoming increasingly difficult.  

This is where we have chosen to shine our light, and commit to the market, by having a wonderful team of local experts answering emails and phone calls, and booking freight directly for customers over a morning coffee and a chat. 

Freight Hub delivers to the Australian wine and beverages sector a solution of confidence, sustainability, and continual improvement in wine warehousing and transport, that eliminates unnecessary administration and the unwanted pressures of disconnected logistics support.  The architecture of the business delivers significant competitive advantages in operational and economic efficiency, and brand differentiation and reinforcement opportunities that are sought after premiums in the marketing and presentation of Australian wine and beverages to consumers.