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Freight Hub Logistics

Freight Hub Logistics

From iconic vineyards, and famous distilleries, and brew sheds, to the smallest venture startups, or straight off production lines nationwide, our business is all about getting your amazing wines, beers, ciders and spirits transported across the country, beautifully warehoused, precisely labelled, and expertly packed ready for export and distribution. 

Finally, there's a chance to you to relax the reins a little, knowing you've got a professional, beverage specific, logistics team looking after your products right through the beverage supply chain.
The job of getting wine and beverages delivered in time, and onto the tables of some of the best restaurants and venues in the land, is something we’ve got really good at over the years.  
We continually invest in technologies and infrastructure that contribute to robust and traceable pathways for your wine as it moves through to market, and strive every day to develop new warehousing opportunities, more refined freight networks, and are constantly reviewing our core freight partner and pricing strategy.
Rarely do we rest on this mission, and I guess in your world of wine, we all just keep blending, and bottle a promising result every year, trying to make each vinatge better and more relevant, so we can bring to the table some of the best results possible in the wine and beverage logistics sector.
So, in reflecting on our mission, and with all the commercials of freight and warehousing economics aside, we think what helps set us apart in beverage logistics, is the personal character and culture of the Freight Hub Business. 

We are a  team of Sunny Optimists, and always find our best business relationships simply come from making people smile over a job well done.

Secondly, your product is your art, and we are very proud custodians of your craft, and its always amazing to be a part of helping care for such great wines, beers and ciders, and get them to market.
Thirdly, it's the myriad of wonderful personalities in this tier of the market that we love working in - All the energetic professionals who we have the pleasure of mixing with each day, make all the difference in shaping our business and keeping our culture vibrant.

Lastly, but not least, we are a family owned, South Australian based business. We bring a pace of growth into our business that suits our lives and preserves our business culture. It’s the vitality, originality and pace that we distil from this independence that helps direct us, and set us apart from the rest.



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