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Freight Hub Logistics

Freight Hub delivers cargo Australia wide, at sensible prices, with the care and attention to service you expect. Whether you transport a thousand pallets or containers a year, or just one, we’ll get you moving.

We’re a friendly team of industry professionals, and always happy to help.

Contacting us anytime is easy – we are available over extended business hours, 7 days a week.

Our careful attention to the transport market, helps deliver great savings to everyone. You can relax a little, while we take care of delivering the benefits you expect from your transport provider.

We’ll help you free up time to focus on other things, keep your freight budget tighter, and your distribution performance on track.

We best fit your business needs if your transport and distribution strategy commands consistent results, attention to detail, and excellence in service fulfillment.

Our business services are provided to savvy clients who never ignore price, but care most about quality and sustainability of service.

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